Class of 1976 Eastern Europe Mini-reunion: July 25 to August 6, 2015

Eleven members of the class of 1976—Linda Ury Greenberg, Sandy Medallis, Marcia Goldman Enns, Louise Dunbar, Cynde Egan, Jill Siegfried, Lorna Blumen, Susan Day, Barbara Cray, Shelly Palmer, and Julia Cutler Cunningham—along with one brave husband, Bill Palmer, gathered in late July for a river cruise and tour beginning in Prague in the Czech Republic and ending up in Budapest, Hungary.  Along the way, the group explored, toured, hiked, shopped, ate extremely well, laughed a lot, danced, reminisced, and had a fabulous time.  Thanks to Barbara Cray, who set up the trip and served as our travel agent.  See the photos here.