Charleston, SC Mini-reunion - October 6–10, 2013

Six members of the class of 1976—Pam Anderson, Denise Chezek, Julia Cunningham, Louise Dunbar, Marcia Goldman Enns and Mary Young—gathered in Charleston, SC for a four day mini-reunion in October 2013.  The group had time to explore, tour, take a cooking class, shop, visit historic homes, museums and plantations, eat extremely well and, best of all, catch up on all kinds of topics. Of special note was a lovely evening of cocktails and conversation at the home of Laura Gates, chair of the Board of Trustees.  See the photos here.

Alexandria, VA Mini Reunion - December 15, 2013

Members of the Class of 1976 in the Washington, DC area met at the Alexandria, Virginia, home of Mary Konsoulis on December 15, 2013 for a holiday-themed mini-reunion.  The group shared lively conversation and many memories as they enjoyed home-baked treats and tea.  Attending were:  Barbara Brereton, Priscilla Hoffman-Stowe, Mary Konsoulis, Lily Chiu Reid, Avis Russell, and Lisa Sprague.

New York City Mini Reunion - August 22, 2013

Camille Cozzone Rankin hosted members of the Class of ’76 on the rooftop of her building on the Upper West Side on August 22, 2013.  The annual mini-reunion featured Texas-style BBQ and wine, plus delicious brownies for dessert provided by Linda Ury Greenberg.  Joining in the fun were: Barbara Biel, June Anne Weber Burke, Helen Clement, Valerie Hall Connolly, Elisabeth Hair DeMarse, Louise Dunbar, Elyse Fradken, Karen Spiegel Franklin, Linda Ury Greenberg, Allyson Powers Johnson, Barbara Eskin Katz, Sandra Peddie, Camille Cozzone Rankin, Margaret Rose, Norina Moskowitz Sfeir, Amy Goodfellow Wagner, and Barbara Yanni. It was a great evening!

Bethesda, Maryland Mini Reunion - April 28, 2013

Despite the cool temperatures and light rain, classmates enjoyed a warm welcome at the home of Avis Russell for an afternoon of conversation, tasty nibbles, tea, and champagne on April 28, 2013. Attending the spring D.C.-area mini-reunion were Donna Durant Atkinson, Jill Martin DeBoer, Lynn C. French, Priscilla Hoffman-Stowe, Mary Konsoulis, Peggy Laurent, Lily Chiu Reid, and Lisa Sprague. Tania Jackson, Lynn French’s daughter, also joined in the festivities.

Washington, DC Mini Reunion - July 29th, 2012

Washington, D.C. area classmates gathered at the home of Lily Chiu Reid in Arlington, Virginia on July 29, 2012. Attending were: Lori Cooper, Priscilla Hoffman-Stowe, Sarah Powelson Kirby, Mary Konsoulis, Lily Chiu Reid, and Avis Russell. The relaxing Sunday afternoon offered a nice respite from the heat and a chance to catch-up since we last saw each other, which for some was several decades ago! Plans are in the works for another D.C. area get-together in the spring. See photos here!

New York City Mini Reunion - August 16th, 2012

Class of '76 alums in the New York City area gathered on Thursday, August 16, 2012, at Madison & Vine in Manhattan, starting with drinks at 6 p.m. in the rooftop bar and finishing with dinner in the restaurant. Linda Ury Greenberg reports that fifteen classmates attended for some or all of the evening. It was difficult to get a photo of the entire group but it was a terrific opportunity to see everybody. Kudos to Camille Cozzone Rankin, past president of the class, for making the arrangements for the evening. See photos from this reunion here.